Dumping a Subversion Repository

After finishing my thesis work, I wanted to grab the revision history for both the software I developed and the writing of my dissertation. It was (is?) stored in a subversion server owned by the lab; however, I want all of that for my own purposes.

First, I had to dump from a remote server

$ svnrdump https://url/to/repo > repo_full.svndump

Now I have the full repository, but it is full of empty commits. This is because I had only a twig on the server so I need to strip all of those empty commits out. Enter svndumpfilter.

$ svndumpfilter --drop-all-empty-revs --renumber-revs include \
> myrepo < repo_full.svn_dump > repo_stripped.svn_dump

Now, I can compress the file and store all of my revision history! This isn’t really very exciting information, but I wanted to get it down for my own notes since I did it once and promptly forgot how to do it.

Written on May 13, 2015